“Giving up control of the TV remote during primetime hours would be unbearably cruel for some, but for Aric McKeown, it’s all in a night’s work” – Pioneer Press

“Share his shock as mysteries unfold on “Lost,” or cringe along as he tries to make it through two hours of amateur dance.” – Yahoo! Picks – June 4, 2006

“Aric McKeown must be a glutton for punishment” – Grand Forks Herald

“A bit voyeuristic” – TV Squad

“The voters delight in forcing him to watch some achingly bad crap” – collision detection

“This site is a hilarious experiment that reminds us all how much we value the ability to choose what we watch on TV” – TV Watch

“I don’t know what his taste are but he doesn’t seem very lucky.” – TeevBlogger

“You can also watch him watching the show, which frankly sounds like a postmodern seizure” –

“What a terribly difficult life” – UNEASYsilence

“I just came across a really great TV related site (seriously, a great idea, I’m totally ripping it off – kidding, but I wish I thought of it!)” – The TV Addict

“Another cool and quirky advertising opportunity for site promoters with a sadistic bent” – The Next Big Web Thing

“Celebrities who fear that they may be reaching the twilight zone of their career have much to learn from Aric McKeown” – Heartcrossings

“Please help support the creation of an indentation in Aric’s sofa cushions” – TV Squad