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American Idol – 02/27/08

Oddly enough, Big Brother and American Idol are on at the same time on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet Big Brother won the votes last night and American Idol won tonight. Don’t ask me why. I have no answers.

It’s ladies night on AI (that’s American Idol, but much quicker to spell). I’ve been on top of my AI watching, and it’s pretty much sucked. The auditions weren’t fantastic. Hollywood week wasn’t devastating enough. And now the finalists are all losers. At least we only have five hours a week with the losers. Wait, five hours? Screw that.

Carly is up first, and she’s singing Heart. I don’t think you can do better or worse than Heart when singing Heart. It’s not like the vocals are fantastic to begin with, and they aren’t going to get any better when anyone else sings it.

You can download the worst performance of the night on iTunes immediately after the show. In case you like to flush you money down the internet hole

Syesha is an “actress” and can cry like a baby. Which is good for a certain kind of fetishist. She sings a song called Mr. Jones. Assumedly. It isn’t the Counting Crows. Luckily.

Brooke is a beauty school drop out, a badge that is worn on her head every day. She decides to hide behind a guitar for half the song, and squeak a terrible performance out of her doughy face. Not doughy as in fat, but doughy as in white and unremarkable. Tee heeeee. The judges like it though, so what the heck do I know?

Ramiele knows how to Polynesian dance. You might remember another idol who did that. His name was Sanjaya. Oh man, I’m so bored by this show. Maybe if I press on my eyes really hard it will be like I’m watching another show.

Kristy Lee Cook, who can only be addressed by all three names, is a farm girl and tomboy. Entertainment Weekly thinks she’s going to win. I think they just like a pretty face. Which is fine, but this is a singing competition. And she doesn’t have the vocal goods. At least her hair isn’t that of a beauty school dropout.

We’re halfway through the girls tonight, but 41 minutes into the show. When the time comes, I will amass an army and wage a war against filler.

Amanda Overmyer is called original, which is odd because she is just a Janice Joplin copy cat. And now she’s doing a terrible rendition of a Kansas song. Maybe America will send her ass packing tomorrow. Wow, this was worse than karaoke. Luckily, the judges agree. And Simon trashed her stupid hair.

Alaina doesn’t like her food touching. There is no reason I need to know this. And you aren’t watching Toys. I’m hopelessly devoted to this boring and pitchy song. Or, wait, what’s the opposite of “hopelessly devote?” Maybe angrily stabbing.
By the way, Randy Jackson’s watch is huge!

Alexandrea sings some Chicago. And when I wrote “sing,” I was being generous. Very generous. Simon is being much more brutal. Fatality!

Wow, more Heart. I’ll try to understand, try to understand, try try try to understand this song choice. Better luck next time, Kady. If there is a next time.

Then Asia’h wrapped up the night. I didn’t watch, because my cat wasn’t peeing in his litter box. Seriously, cat? The plastic next the litter box? Just move over an inch! But Simon clued me in to how she was. Terrible.

Man, AI is grating on me.

Big Brother: ‘Til Death Do You Part

If you haven’t been watching this season of Big Brother, you do not like entertainment. Yes yes, I know. That’s a sweeping generalization. But really, what are you doing? Listen, they trapped all these horrible people in one house and the constantly fight! It’s like watching hornets trapped in a jar of broken dreams.

The shows starts off where Sunday’s nomination ceremony took off. Annoying Amanda and complacent Alex are up on the block along with whoseit and whatsit. Did you know that Amanda is from Fridley, MN? That means I can drive down the street and punch her in the face when she gets back. Not that I would, but I’m close enough to.

Sheila feels shafted by Allison, which is ironic considering they both faked being lesbians. Whiny Sheila feels abandoned now that Allison is safe from going home. Hold on, Allison needs an adjective. Whiny is taken. So is annoying. Come on, thesaurus. What do you have for me? Caustic? Naw. We’ll go with irritating.

Alex and whatsit are confronting pink haired James, who isn’t taking any guff. Not that any of them would use the word “guff.” Unless they were 80. Which they are not. Which leads us into the veto competition where the houseguests fight to remove their head from the block. It’s a confusing game which is no fun to watch. And the people who didn’t need to veto won. Good work.

Things came to a head with Sheila and Allison later, when voices were raised. I actually watched this action live on the internet, and they was about a half hour longer with a lot of talk about yeast infections. Thanks, TV, for saving me from hearing about Sheila’s yeast infection again.

And that’s when the bodily waste hit the windmill. First, Allison ran to the diary room after having an allergic reaction to some unknown allergen. Her tongue was swelling, from what we heard, and they needed to use an EpiPen. And then, at the same time, Amanda fainted from a lack of sugar and started seizing.

Medical units were swooped in. Amanda was taken out on a stretcher! Everyone ends up alright and comes back to the house, but everyone is now really nice to Amanda who they hated not more than one day ago. Drama drama drama!

All in all, a great episode of Big Brother. And with less female problems than the live feeds. And that’s just fine with me.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Demon Hand

Boy, it’s been a while. How are you doing? You look great. Niceties aside, let’s get on with the TV.

For my return to the world of television, you have chosen Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Just so you know how fickle I am, my Tivo recorded the first episode of this show but not the second. So I threw my hands in the air and said “screw it” and deleted the first episode.

So I was done with the show without seeing it. But here we are, watching it. Well, you might not be watching it. Not that there is anything on in the wasteland that is Monday night television. Let’s go!

As a reminder to everyone, everything here is written on the fly. Complete thoughts are such a bother, don’t you think? So as the show plays, I write.

“Previously” tells me there is a chess playing robots that can kill everybody. Or will, in the future. This show is about fighting the future, like every other show out there. Especially Golden Girls.

There is a girl cop bending metal with her hands. Until further notification, I will assume she is a robot. Oh, but she shut down the power grid to a city. That’s a specifically human trait. So, she’s a human. Wait, she punched a door in. Robot. Hold on, digging through files. Human.

So we have a robot digging through files, surprisingly slowly for a future robot, and this Sarah Condor (or something like that) taking care of her son and brother.

The FBI has the hand of a future robot. I have a hard time believing they’ll know what to do with it. Unless it has to do with illegal wire tapping. Then they’re all over it. That’s probably more the CIA’s deal.

A FBI agent who lied about having the future robot hand, from now on referred to as the FDR, is watching tapes of Sara Concord in a mental institution ranting about the future and death. And where did he file the FDR? In his own freezer, of course. Don’t mistake it for a pot pie or it will kill you.

Ceira Konner broke into the FBI agent’s house to find info about FDR. What she finds is his files on her. Hold on, the friendly robot is doing ballet. The instructor just told her she is acting mechanical. Oh, the irony.

This is a lot of writing for only 17 minutes of show. I’m putting way too much effort into this.

Talk talk talk talk talk. I’m about ready for some action here. Maybe something to do with “fighting” and “future.” There are a lot of guns, but they aren’t being fired. There are a lot of robots, but they aren’t fighting. There are a lot of fists, but they aren’t punching.

John Connor is watching Sarah’s (I got tired of spelling her name wrong) mental institution tape. Can’t see any good coming from that. It’s nice to know that, even though the future is at stake, John still has to go to school. Knowledge is power, but then what use are all those guns?

Nosey FBI agent is talking to Sarah’s old psychologist in his woodland home. There are no raccoons doing his dishes. That would be charming. And disease-tastic! Hey, guess who drugged the FBI agent? What’s up, doc?

Robot kicked some fool. That’s all.

The doc thinks the FBI agent is a robot from the future. To test this theory, there was a little leg stabbage. And there was blood. Doc thinks Sarah’s psych ward ramblings line up with the book of Revelations. Now he’s recapping Sarah’s escape from Terminator 2. Been there, doc. Get on with it.

Now John and the guy I assumed was Sarah’s brother are having a heart to heart. He’s just some guy from the future. Or an uncle. I don’t really care. But boy does he hate robots.

Guys are getting out of pitch black car, towards there apartment where the robot is. But she got the info she wanted, so she walked right on by as they killed the Russian chess family. That’s not action! But the doc is burning the FBI agent. That is, sort of, action. Then Sarah punched the doc and took the robot arm. That’s more action-ish. And that’s all we got.

I could go for some more serious talking right about now. Hey, we’re in luck! Blah blah blah feelings blah blah. Why is so many relationships developing when killer robots are involved? You hear me, Transformers?

The FBI agent who the doc tried to kill put the doc in the psych ward he originally worked in. I’m not impressed with this full circle. Also, FDR got all burnt up.

Dear Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I am not a fan. Your truly, Aric McKeown.

The Strike is Over, MMWTV is Back

The Writers Guild of America voted yesterday to end their strike, which is fantastic news. This means the writers will be getting their fair cut of the new media profits, instead of zero cuts from new media. And while the strike has ended, your scripted shows will not be back with new episodes until late March or early April.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we have. Make Me Watch TV is back, as promised, watching all the horrible reality and game shows that you want! Voting will begin again on Monday the 18th.

Let’s continue to enjoy and not enjoy TV together. Big Bang Theory is out of episodes, right? Sweet.

Support the Writers

United Hollywood

These shenanigans by the AMPTP have gone on far too long. With The Office now in reruns because the writers can’t get a fair shake, my heart isn’t into this TV watching business. I certainly can’t support the forced watching reality show filler and forced reruns.

Make Me Watch TV will come back once the AMPTP comes to their senses and gives the WGA what they deserve for creating the entertainment that we love.

Click on the banners in this post for up to the date information on the strike. Information is power, or something like that.



My temperature has been 100.(variable) over the past two days, so I don’t much feel like being a smart ass. Let’s just say I’ll be back next week, with sickness and Thanksgiving and all. Oh man, I sure hope I’m not too sick for turkey. And horns of plenty.

Alias: Reckoning

We pick up where we left off last time. Sydney and pal accidentally blew up a gang of CIA fellas. And inhalers. Now Syd is going to show us what emotions sort of look like if you squint really hard.

Syd’s father, who works for the CIA and is spying on SD-6, was investigated by the FBI for possibly stealing secrets. The FBI agents was named Bentley, like the car. His new name will be VW Bus. Also, he died in a car crash with Syd’s mom. The VW Bus isn’t a very safe vehicle.

Bah. More emotions. Maybe once we get to the next scene…oh. More emotions.

Whoops. Hello, used DVD. You seem to have stopped. Ahhhh, there we go.

SD-6 is going after a group called FTL. They do not deliver flowers. But they do hide codes in birthday cards. SD-6 will be going after the special decoders.


Time for some Syd disguises. She is wearing a dark wig and a piece of carpet. I wonder how much that dress costs per foot.

It’s a good thing guards never look up. Syd would have been dead long ago then. Really, though, what is up that’s ever worth looking at? Stars? Yeah. Been there, done that.

There is some sub-plot about singing and another one about Will investigating the murder of Syd’s fiancé.


The greeting cards were decoded by DNA. Time to dig up a body! After finding it, of course. Through disguises.

When you leave an apartment in a state of disrepair, who leaves the fridge door open? That seems a little much.


Syd is in a foreign mental institution. Sure, it’s dirty and dank. But it’s universally covered! It looks like the guards are on to her. Come one, electroshock!

Cliffhanger! You folks better vote for Alias again next week!

Women’s Murder Club: The Past Comed Back to Haunt You

I have never heard anything bad about the Women’s Murder Club. However, I have heard only one good thing. Who is right, nothing or one thing? Or me? Let’s see!

A building just went up and exploded. Then there was a fake commercial for Double Cross, a book by James Patterson. The face commercial was pretty funny. But let’s get serious here. Someone is in jail for something.

Uh oh, I think there are clues and references from pervious episodes all up in here. Concentrate, Aric! You’re working at a disadvantage here.

Jamie, son of a death row murderer, escaped this exploding building. Either someone tried to kill him or he caused the explosion to cover his allegedly murderous tracks.

Do you know what doesn’t help your case? Running from the cops. Do you know what really doesn’t help your case? Murder.

So Paul, death row resident, was seen by the murdered Ben Cooper leaving another murdered person’s apartment. And Paul’s son, Jamie, is accused of murdering Ben Cooper.

They’re trying to solve to cases. Also, there are a bunch of women trying to solve these cases.

Halfway through, I have deemed this show stupid. Will it get stupider or better in the next 30 minutes?

And one of these women might be pregnant. You know what I don’t want to deal with? Murder and women’s problems.

And why do people drag people into bathrooms for private conversations? Need to talk in secret? Let’s go into a room with several other mini rooms in it that are far from soundproof and a good place for people to hide!

It looks like they have whitey on the run! I hate whitey so much! Actually, he is the district attorney who is something something with somebody and also might something to somebody something.

Guess who isn’t pregnant? Me!

You know what doesn’t stop executions? Protesters.

Guess who is the murderer! The former roommate! Tsk tsk, blaming whitey.

Execution stopped. Mysteries solved. Mouth stretched into a yawn. I could have used a larger helping of women’s issues. Just kidding. Women are stupid.

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