Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?Open your mouth and eat the factory made improv that is Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Awesome, Billy Cosby and Christopher Walken are fighting in a kitchen. Then Richard Nixon walks in. This is surely comedy at its finest.

The audience is laughing at everything, be it funny or not. This is the funniest damn thing they have ever seen! I want to slap every one of them. First, I must train for years in a distant monastery perched on a mountain top. The back of my hand will become one with the Earth, its strength drawn from the might oak tree. The palm of my hand will be crafted from fine Spanish steel. Then I can really get to slapping.

There have been 8 seasons of this show! 1998 to ???? is what IMDB says. You could replay the same single episode over and over again, and people would be delighted.

Again, I plead to you good people, go out and see some live improv. Improv was never meant for TV.

Hooray! Now it is time for the terrible Drew Carey to do improv! I would take away his legs and eyes if I could. What would he do then? Not walk and see, that’s for dang sure.