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The Office: The Convict

The OfficeThis episode of The Office was written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, creators of the original UK version of The Office. That was a little back story for those of you whose ears and eyes and mouths were stolen by gypsies.

Michael just joked around that Toby was a rapist. I just yelled “what” really loudly. I have so many vocal reactions to this show. So awesome.

Martin, the new black employee, is an ex-convict. There is your uncomfortable situation for the episode. Now watch Michael Scott dance his words around like a drunken Gene Kelly.

Jim is helping Andy hit on Pam. Well, not help. He is giving Andy terrible and incorrect advice. So there is some more hilarity.

It’s hard to quantify how funny this show is. It’s like quantifying the size of the universe. There is just too much of it.

And so, Martin quit. And Michael made up a character called Prison Mike who was used to scare everyone straight about prison. After every episode of The Office, I feel like watching it again right away. Sigh. I love this show.

The Office: The Merger

The super sized episode of The Office last year was fantastic. As I have said before, this show could consistently be an hour long with no drop in hilarity. The unused scenes on the DVDs are proof of that.

The Stamford branch is merging with the Scranton branch today. That means Pam and Jim will work in the same office again, which will lead to even more uncomfortable situations. Which is hard to believe.

Brilliant. Ed Helms is sucking up to Michael right away. The dynamics are changing! And Dwight won’t like that.

Also, unlike the previous episode of My Name Is Earl, I have already laughed heartily during this episode.

Next commercial break. Let me check. Am I still enjoying myself? Verily. The deadpan comedy is mixed with a very healthy helping of character dynamics. I want to hug The Office. There must be some way to hug a TV show.

No other show on TV pulls me in like The Office. Blogging about it comes second, as I am enjoying myself far to much to bother putting it into words right away. But you know. You had better know.

The Office: Branch Closing

The Office is on! The Office is on! The Office is on!

P.S. This is my favorite show.

Love, Aric

Jan starts off the episode with a bomb. The board has voted to close the Scranton branch. Some will be transfered to Stamford, some will be given a severance package.

The writers in this show come up with such brilliant situations to showcase the talents and emotions of the different actors and their characters. Michael has most wonderful pained looks on his face this episode.

After Jim’s boss in Stamford takes a new job at Staples, it turns out Scranton will be absorbing the Stamford branch.

There is no point in recounting the humor here. Rest assured, I am LOLing with a little dash of ROTFLMAOing sprinkled in for good measure.

Such a fantastic episode, like every other episode. I hate to see it leave for the week, but I love to see it walk away.

That doesn’t work at all. Damn.

The Office: Grief Counseling

The OfficeAnother week, another The Office that makes me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt. My face cheeks, not the other ones.

Michael’s former boss, Ed Truck, is announced to be dead at the beginning of this episode. And there is your plot created to show off Michael’s sensitive insensitivity throughout the entire episode.

The obvious solution to honor Ed Truck’s memory is to build a 2/3 size robot of Ed. Brilliant! Now they just need to slip pirates or ninjas into this episode.

Roy is flirting with Pam this episode. That will cause a lot of pain for the Pam and Jim fans. I say the more conflict, the better. The more conflict, the more comedy. The more comedy, the more I laugh. This is a good equation.

Out of grief, Michael is trying to revive a dead bird. When he fails, everyone is forced to have a funeral for the bird.

Again, if you are not watching this show, then you should be forced to. There is nothing better than it on television. What are you, some kind of loser? That’s loser talk. Watch The Office already!

Jenna Fischer is the coolest celebrity in the history of the world

You didn’t know there was a contest? Well that too bad, because it is over. We have a winner. Jenna Fischer of The Office is the coolest celebrity there ever was.

You may remember that on August 31st, Jenna Fischer was kind enough to be my Celebrity Remote and pick the shows I was forced to watch that evening.

Jenna made me watch Big Brother and First 48 Hours. They were both great shows to watch, and I thank her for that.

Flash forward to September 28th. I have been forced to watch the second episode of The Office by popular vote. Not that I mind. The Office is the funniest show on television. The episode was titled The Convention. It was the second of the season.

Let me ask you, do you have eyes like a hawk? GiveMeMyRemote.com does, as they pointed this out to me.

During the episode the divorced head of HR, Toby, tries to ask Pam, Jenna Fischer’s character, out on a date. It fails and there is much squirming done by the viewing public. It is a wonderful and painful scene.

But look closely now and ready your Tivos. When Pam interrupts Toby and answers the phone, there is a close up of Toby’s hands. Near those hands, there are two Post-It notes on Pam’s desk. Take a look at the image below for what is written on those Post-It notes.

Jenna Fischer's Note

Do you see it? It’s the schedule for Jenna Fischer’s Celebrity Remote!

Is the case closed for you? It is for me. Jenna Fischer is the coolest celebrity in the history of the world.

Hmmm, now to get a walk on.

The Office: The Coup

The OfficeI just finished watching season two of The Office again on DVD. I already want to watch it again. Luckily, we have a new episode right here.

Jan is mad at Michael for having movie Mondays, where they watch a half hour of a movie every Monday in the office. Varsity Blues was the selection this week. With Michael in trouble, Angela tries to get Dwight to vie for Michael’s job.

And Jim sucks at Call of Duty, which they play in the Stamford office. Not too many gut busting laughs so far. Interesting character dynamics though.

There are some great laughs now. Michael knows that Dwight went behind his back. It’s just like Rolfe from The Sound Of Music. Not Rolfe from the Muppet Show.

And it’s over. This show works well as a half hour, but time has shown us that the super sized forty minutes also works great. I would like to see an hour long The Office, because a half hour just isn’t enough.

The Office: The Convention

The OfficeThe Office is, if possible, even funnier than last season. Let’s hope that the one episode streak of excellence this season continues. Can a single instance be a streak?

Michael’s “fun jeans” are white jeans. Why would he need to pack those? Because it is time for the north western paper company convention. There is a convention for everything.

Pam is going out on a first date while Michael, Jim, and Dwight are hanging out at the paper convention. Pam is going out with a cartoonist from the local paper. I don’t know exactly why, but that seems so depressing. Especially since I am a cartoonist. I think that means that I hate myself.

Michael is trying to get people to come to his room party, and he just asked some dude in a giant Blackberry suit. Who would even think to make that up to write it down so we can see it on TV? That’s brilliant!

How could anyone be watching something else on TV at this time? This show is heads and tails above everything else out there. I am filled with the joy of watching it and the dread that, soon, the episode will be over. That’s good television.

Sorry I didn’t write much. If I take my attention away for too long, I miss laughter. Why would I ever want to miss laughter? If you don’t watch this show, you are missing out on happiness and joy and Lisa Frank folder covers. That’s right, you could be living with a world of rainbows and pink dolphins in your head. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Office: Gay Witch Hunt

The OfficeThe Office The Office The Office The Office The Office The Office The Office!

The Office!

Oh no! Ryan is a permanent employee! Jim is gone! Pam still planned on marrying Roy! That’s how you start a season.

Oh, and Michael found out that Oscar is gay. This episode is going to cause so much cringing. It’s awesome.

Jim transferred to the Stanford office, where he meets Ed Helms of the daily show. Ed calls Jim “Big Tuna” because Jim had a tuna sandwich for lunch. Man, I hate those guys. What a perfect show.

Michael needs to find out who else in the office is gay, so he knows who he can say offensive things around.

I have laughed out loud on at least 4 to 12 occasions already. No show even comes close to the joy I get from The Office.

Okay, Pam didn’t actually go through with the wedding. She and Roy decided to call it off. And thus, Roy grew a beard and became an alcoholic. Thus proving, Jim is better than Roy. Because, you know, no beard and booze. I think I’ll name a bar that. Welcome to the Beard and Booze? No beard? No booze.

Jan came down to talk to Michael. Which somehow ends up with Michael sending Dwight to find gay porn. Huh, when I go back and read this stuff, it sounds a lot more like tragedy than comedy.

Michael, to make amends with Oscar, decided that kissing him on the lips would be the best way to bridge the gap. That’s what he said.

The Office is back, boys and girls! Rejoice and be gay. And by gay, I mean happy.

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