The Office: Survivor Man

After this episode of The Office, there is only one left to run due to the WGA strike. You know all the episodes you watched online and on iTunes? The writers of the show get paid zero dollars for all of that. That is simply absurd. The plot for this episode of The Office centers […]

The Office: Safety Training

The best show on television is here. Delivered to you, in a package none to heavy, is one quality episode of The Office. Andy’s back from anger management! And he is calling himself Drew! Thank the good dude for hilarious cold opens. Michael is being much louder and more ignorant than usual. Which makes me […]

The Office: Cocktails

Rubber pants? Check. Time to watch The Office. J.J. Abrams, of Lost, Alias, and What About Brian? fame, is directing this episode. That means it should be long and confusing. Haha, yeah. I went with the obvious joke that a five year old could have thought of. Uncomfortable points to cause drama and humor for […]

The Office: Business School

The Office

This episode of The Office was directed by Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly fame. Micheal is going to speak at Ryan’s business school in this episode. It will be uncomfortable. Very very uncomfortable. Pam is, officially, back with Roy. That will be a fun enough dynamic to play with until Karen […]

The Office: Ben Franklin

I guarantee at least twenty hearty laughs during this episode of The Office. Two laughs in the first minute. I made a good guarantee. Phillis is getting married in a week, so the office is getting ready to celebrate. It will involve a “one hour shower with guys.” Packard! He hasn’t been around for a […]

The Office: Traveling Salesmen

The Office

The Office is here to wipe away the stink of My Name Is Earl. Hey, one of my friends saw Jim and Karen leaving a coffee shop last week. California is neat. Michael is making everyone pair up and go out on sales calls. Everyone is mismatched for assured comedy. Dwight pumps up for a […]

The Office: Back From Vacation

The Office

The Office gave us plenty to be happy about with their last one hour episode. Let us enjoy the uncomfortable comedy. Here it comes! Gut shaking laughter in the first minute? That’s The Office for you! Michael is back from his Jamaican vacation with his mystery guest. The commercial showed us it was Jan. You […]

The Office: A Benihana Christmas

The Office

It’s finally here! The hour long episode of The Office! And it’s directed by Harold Ramis! Win-win! Sorry, every sentence won’t end with an exclamation mark. Michael Photoshopped his head onto his girlfriend’s ex-husband’s body. On a ski trip. With her kids. It was super creepy and perfectly awesome! Needless to say, they’re broken up […]