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The Colbert Report: A Salute to the American Lady

The Colbert ReportThe Colbert Report will give me the political satire I so sorely need on a daily basis. Because I can’t take my politics straight. I need sugar and cream in it. The cream of truthiness.

Stephen has been harassing his female employees as of late, in a satirical way you understand, so he is making amends in comedic and inappropriate ways.

Just like Stephen doesn’t see races, he doesn’t see sexes either. He only sees Americans.

How can a show be so funny on a daily basis? It seems impossible! We have surely fallen through a hole to another funnier universe.

When talking to Jane Fonda about her female radio station, Stephen moved the discussion from his desk to a more appropriate kitchen setting. Hilarious. This is one solid night of television!

Not much to blog about here. A funny news show that is funny. But you already knew that.

The Colbert Report

The Colbert ReportThe Colbert Report has caused quite a stir today. Apparently, he gave Washington D.C. Senator Eleanor Holmes Norton quite a hard time. It’s time to watch it and throw in my own opinion.

Stephen Colbert keeps getting better and better. You think he’d plateau and then start loosing fans at some point, but he just keeps gaining more respect and clout. It’s impressive to watch. Oh, and hilarious. He is very funny. In fact, he is delightful. Wait, I didn’t just say that.

My favorite commercial! Yippie! BOO CREEPY FOOT DOCTOR! That will actually make me buy some Red Stripe tomorrow. Good work, advertisers.

The Eleanor Holmes Norton interview was just as funny as when I watched it the other two times today. You can’t quite tell if Norton isn’t getting the joke, or if she is playing along. My first instinct is to say she was genuinely annoyed by Colbert. It’s more fun thinking that, anyway. Bravo to Colbert for his quick wit. He deserves all the praise he gets.

Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, is tonight’s guest. Editor-in-Chief. That makes me think of an Indian who ate an editor. It is even in halted English as Indians were portrayed in black and white movies. “How. You looking for pale face with eye windows? Editor in chief.” It was a long way to get to that punch line. Thanks for sticking around.

Here’s a tip. I am full of tips, by the way. Anyway, the tip. If you see a movie preview that only uses single words from reviews like “cool” or “sexy,” the movie is no good. The reviewers could easily have been saying, “This movie is in no way cool. The lead actors as about as far from sexy as you can get.” Do you see? Live and learn.

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