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The 4400

The 4400Ooo, I’ve never seen The 4400 before. Damn, it’s a clip show. I hate clip shows!

It started with a comet. Not your ordinary brand of bathroom cleaner. That could be destroyed by big missiles. This thing could not be.

Turns out it wasn’t a comet, but a ball of light. A ball of light can’t hurt anybody. Unless it is the sun and you stare at it. Don’t stare at the sun.

Ah ha, the bright light brought 4400 people back with it. I wonder if that has anything to do with the title of the show.

The 4400 were taken into quarantine. I don’t see the reasoning behind that. It was just an insane and unexplained happening that should be left entirely alone. Nothing more.

It looks like tentacles stole the people from different time periods and places. Why is it always tentacles? Do the Japanese know something we don’t know?

Eventually the 4400 entered back in to society. The end.

Wait, not the end. They all had different troubles adjusting. Plus they can make dead birds live. That and the bird flu would be a very bad combination.

There is also a little psychic girl. And a lady who suddenly become pregnant. Another gained super strength. Really, it was like any old radiation spill that creates superheroes.

Residents of Earth found a new type of people they could be bigots towards! The 4400! People were scared of them. So they got blown up every so often by the ignorant. Until a billionaire 4400 took them all on to his large estate. A creepy commune, if you will. Creepy isn’t very descriptive. All communes are creepy.

Little children with psychic abilities are creepy. Little children with any abilities are creepy. We shouldn’t teach them to read or write. Or love.

Now the pregnant lady’s baby can do crazy stuff, like blow out windows and crush people’s hearts. I can crush people’s hearts, but it takes years of gaining their trust. There is very little payoff too.

The little baby showed the billionaire a bright future where he lived long and gained much more success. The baby lied! That baby is evil! Relatively. Maybe to other babies, that is perfectly normal behavior. Who knows what babies actually think?

Then the 4400 all got themselves a rash. They really should have more than one towel in the washroom.

Too bad this was a clip show. I wouldn’t mind catching this show from the beginning. It seems pretty interesting. Oh well.

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