South Park

South ParkSouth Park wraps up this evening of half hour shows. It has been a terrible sitcom sandwich, with slices of cartoons holding it all together. At least I am being left off with South Park. Two and a Half Men would have left me too depressed to undress myself and get into bed. I might have even given up trying to drink water.

No big surprise, but I have seen this episode of South Park. The kids are starting up a junior detective business.

As with all reruns that I watch, I will try and look a little deeper into why this show is what it is.

South Park takes adult situations and filters them through the innocence of children. I know what you are thinking, innocence and South Park? It is true. The children may swear and talk about naughty things, but their honesty is pure and unhindered. It is the hellspawn of Kids Say The Darndest Things, to reference that show twice in one night.

I love the characters that are treated like crap in this show. Pip was hilarious and Butters is always good for a misfortunate laugh. It feels good that it is not me. Believe it or not, I was not a popular child. I know, I know. It is tough. Do not hurt yourself thinking about it. Just move on to the next paragraph.

Awww, shucks. Now the show is over. You should not have moved on to the next paragraph so quickly! I thought I would pick up a little more about this show today. Oh well, it will probably win the vote again at some point.

Time to watch a few more hours of 24 on DVD. You think my TV for the evening is over, but it is just beginning!

Afterthoughts on Survivorman, South Park, and M*A*S*H

Unlike the almost themed nights of the past week, tonight’s TV viewings had no connection at all. The television glowed with a dim blue hue as Survivorman, South Park, and M*A*S*H wormed their way into my brain and out of my fingers.

Survivorman was actually a really good show. The program does a fantastic job of letting you know that this crazy man is actually all alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a few supplies and multiple cameras.

There were two episodes tonight. In the first one Survivorman was alone in a desert canyon, living off of plague filled rats. He accomplished his goal of surviving for 7 days. Hooray!

The second episode had him stranded in the arctic, trying to get back to civilization in 7 days. He failed miserably in the arctic. He was running on very little food. He did not have enough energy to make a proper igloo. He was screwed. When his 7 days were up, he was still 2 days away by dogsled from his destination.

This was reality television. Not people in a house complaining about who ate the last granola bar. Man against the elements, and losing. Good work, Survivorman. You are a terrific program.

South Park was South Park. Smart humor and social commentary disguised as crude jokes. Nothing new to report here.

M*A*S*H was an odd thing to watch. I would be interested to see how many people are actually watching reruns of M*A*S*H every night. One man’s M*A*S*H is another man’s Seinfeld, I guess. As much as I like seeing George Costanza flubbing up everything he does, someone else likes to see Hawkeye stick it to Frank on a daily basis.

You are not a bad show, M*A*S*H. You are just not the sitcom for me. Do not feel bad, you have done very well for yourself.

South Park

South ParkTonight I watch South Park, which is a show I watch often enough and find quite funny. It is a new episode tonight too, which is keen. It will be nice to see what they follow up the terrible gruesome death of Chef with.

This episode revolves around hybrid cars. Kyle’s dad has gotten a hybrid car and now feels he is better than everyone else. Like all environmentalists.

So Kyle’s family moves to San Francisco, to be more progressive. In San Francisco, all the progressive people are farting and taking deep, satisfying inhales of their own fumes. I almost peed my pants.

So hybrids do not emit as much toxins so it lowers smog, but they are the leading cause of smug pollution. Very nice, South Park, very nice.

I admire South Park because they do not take crap from anybody. The show is not stupid either. There are very smart points veiled in both crude and pointed humor.

A play by play reaction to an animated half hour comedy show does not make much sense, as it is almost a retelling of the jokes in the episode. There must be a proper way to blog about this show.

I suppose I could say if it was a hit or miss episode. I would say it is a hit. Unless it ends in a riot. Riots are lazy copouts by script writers. We will have to wait and see if that happens.

No riots. A pretty good episode overall with some food laughs. Lots of harsh barbs and hard laughs. Congrats on a killer second episode of your season, South Park! That is all.