Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Max C

Queer Eye for the Straight GuyQueer Eye for the Straight Guy goes to Vegas today. What am I watching? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? I thought this show was played out three years ago. No matter.

The QE men are up to their elbows with a night club magician. Let’s see if they can perform their magic on Max. I beat them to the punch on that. How long until they talk about performing their magic?

Max’s wife makes G-strings when she’s not being his assistant or painting. I guess I figured that G-strings were born, not made.

The queer ones are dressing up Max for his magic show. They also introduced himself to Lance Burton. Not to be confused with Lance Bass.

Really, nothing in this show matters except when hairy guys get their hairy hairs cut. It’s hard to connect with something when it’s not tangible.

Max is learning how to make artichokamole! That’s guacamole with artichokes. That sounds delicious. I’ll take a heaping helping of that.

Why is Kathy Griffin everywhere? She is the Sinbad of the 2000s.

Max’s goal is to give his wife a grand gallery opening. His plan involves introducing her by pulling her out of something. He can possibly pull her out of the habit of painting ugly naked women pictures.

The haircut makes Max look like Russell Crowe. Would Russell Crowe beat himself up if he met himself?

I was right to assume this show had ended its run three years ago. Even with a change in location, it hasn’t gotten any more interesting.

Now we are at the art gallery. Great, more shots of terrible creepy artwork.

I remember enjoying this show at one point in time. What happened? Nothing happened. There’s the problem.