Prison Break: Disconnect

Prison Break won over Charlie Brown today. That makes me sad. No reliving childhood memories for me! It looks like Michael’s real dad killed his abusive foster father. Michael is a little confused, as he isn’t remembering straight. Like that pink talking cake spouting Communist ideas? What was that all about? And that girl who […]

Prison Break: Bolshoi Booze

With my computer rebooted, I can finally jump into Prison Break just a tad late. Someone taking confession. Is that the right term? You take confession? Does anyone know why it is phrased like that? Leave a comment. You think I would have learned one character’s name by now. Perhaps I would have learned, if […]

Prison Break: Unearthed

Prison Break

Prison Break won out over How I Met Your Mother for the first time in a couple weeks. That was all baseball’s doing. Hey, is the World Series over? Is it terrible that I have no idea? The tattooed fellow is on the run in some sort of communal garden. He slipped away from his […]

Prison Break: Buried

Prison Break

Nothing is easier than getting back into Prison Break after not watching it for a couple of weeks. Are they still in prison? No? I’m so lost. Crazy reattached hand inmate is holding a sharp object to a lady’s throat. He and a gang of inmates are invading her home because, I think, there are […]

Prison Break: First Down

Prison Break

It looks like the criminals from Prison Break have been doing nothing but committing crimes since they busted out. Do you remember The Fugitive TV show? Dr. Richard Kimball was doing nothing but good after he was freed from prison. A few heads rolled after the massive jail break. I mean, prison break. A few […]

Prison Break: Manhunt

Prison Break

It’s a new season of Prison Break. From what the recap tells me, the prison has been broken. Tattoo and his gang of friends are on the run. Now that everyone is out of the prison, they might give up the constant whispering they did so often last season. A bit more action may allow […]

Prison Break

Prison Break

Prison Break saved me from another terrible viewing of 7th Heaven tonight. It starts off with a truck accident. Someone fell out of the prison truck. Someone tried to smother the guy in the prison truck. Someone knocked out the guy who tried to smother the guy from the prison truck. Kind of makes you […]

Afterthoughts for Prison Break and 24

Last night I was forced to watch FOX’s Super Action Drama Thriller Monday, or whatever they call it. Every night with a theme needs a name. It might all go back to ABC’s crapfest that was TGIF. “These shows are all terrible! We should put them on Fridays when kids can stay up late and […]