MythBusters: Jet Assisted Chevy

MythBustersI love the MythBusters more and more every day. They are such fun and wonderful skeptics.

The early evening rerun of the MythBusters involves a`72 Chevy Impala strapped to a rocket. Or vice versa. At any rate, it mimics the Darwin Award’s most popular entry.

It seems ironic that a UPS commercial is using a Postal Service song.

Adam and Jamie, our heroes, can’t find a `72 Chevy Impala. But they did find a `66 Chevy Impala. Wait, I left something out. What was that? Oh yeah! Hydraulics!

Not only will they be strapping rockets to the top of this reinforced car. It will also be a remote control car. It is better than anything you can get at Radio Shack. Which isn’t saying much, because anything you get from a 25 cent candy machine is better than anything at Radio Shack.

One pull of the MythBusters is their AB appeal. Their Alton Brown appeal. Not only will you get good explosions or, in Alton Brown’s case, food. You are going to learn the science behind everything. And you will love it and stay interested!

Pop Rocks, soda, and a pig’s stomach make up the final myth of the episode. There will be oozing liquids. Just like any other Friday night.

On a totally different note, did you know that there have been six Air Bud movies? Six!

MythBusters: Confederate Rocket

MythBustersD’oh. I’ve seen this MythBusters before. Adam and Jamie are testing out if the Confederate army could have made a long range missile during the Civil War. American Civil War, I guess. Other people have had civil wars too.

There is a pre-shaving lube called Lectric Have. Removing that “E” saves a ton of money, since their commercial announcers are paid by the syllable.

We have such a fascination with seeing metal things flying up into the air. Metal should stay on the ground, but it travels through the air and even in to space. The metal must be pretty psyched. Millions of year ago, it couldn’t imagine that it would be headed to space when forming in the Earth’s core.

The Mythbusters are now going to try making liquid fuel with the technology available during the Civil War. Industrial quantities of liquid oxygen could not be made. Unlike today. I have so much liquid oxygen in my basement. Why do they have to stuff medicine bottles with liquid oxygen? Wait, that’s totally a cotton ball. This explains a few things.

Liquid nitrous oxide is the solution to the problem, which takes less atmospheres of something something to something. They used bigger words.

For all the herpes commercials I see on television, I can only conclude that people with herpes watch TV like you and me. They also ride bikes.

They need to make gun cotton. Hey, gun cotton! Maybe that’s what is in my basement!

The myth is busted, but that’s never a bad thing. There is always a big pay off one way or another. Good work, Mythbusters. You have entertained me with a rerun.

MythBusters: 22,000 Feet Fall

MythBustersThe last MythBusters you made me watch, they blew up a cement truck until there was practically nothing left. This episode, they are going to make an even bigger explosion.

The myth involves an airplane funner falling 20,000 feet. But he was saved by the cushion of a shock wave emanating from a train station that was blown up. There are so many things that are going to be awesome about this. Namely, explosions. Falling too.

The train station is being made, the bomb is being made. Oh, balloons too! They will lift their dummy above the explosions by balloons!

They are also busting a myth about light bulbs and turning them on and off. That has nothing to do with explosions. Be gone, light bulbs!

Did you know that there is a light bulb that has been burning non-stop for 105 years? See, you learn things when there aren’t explosions on the screen. I think they tricked me.

Eee, some balloons went loose and popped. This held the experiment back because they couldn’t lift the dummy above the bomb. And then it was too hot to safely detonate the bomb. And then the dummy started melting. If you’re ever feeling bad, thank your lucky starts that you are not a balloon or melting dummy.

Always turn off the lights when leaving a room to save energy. Okay, explosion time.

The dummy was off course, but no matter. There was so much shrapnel that there is no way someone could survive falling on the explosion, even if it cushioned their fall.

MythBusters: Salsa Escape

MythBustersThe MythBusters try to break out of jail with salsa tonight. They don’t teach you that in Heloise.

Jamie and Adam are also trying to get dried cement out of a cement truck with dynamite. They also have four cement trucks to test with and blow up. Four cement truck to blow up! This will be a great night.

Not only are they trying to use salsa to break out of prison. It is, specifically, a Mexican prison. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not made out of paper mache like a piñata. Candy isn’t kept inside either.

Cherry bombs don’t do much to the concrete truck. Actually, they did nothing at all, like spitting into the sea. Not that spitting isn’t a fun past time. Everyone enjoys it, from kings to movie stars.

Does anyone else ever imagine what it would be like if all the air in the world suddenly turned into cement? That would suck so much!

Adam is electrocuting his salsa to speed the corrosion of the metal bars. Little does Adam know that he needs DC to speed corrosion, not AC.

Back to the cement trucks, it looks like dynamite does a fine job of knocking loose the concrete caked on the sides of the drum. That leaves a few trucks left over, and a healthy amount of explosives. What to do, what to do?

I thought you should know, salsa could probably cut through bars given enough time. There is no time for that though, as high grade explosives supervised by an FBI agent are going to blow up a cement truck. This isn’t part of any myth. It’s just a fun thing to do.


That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! One moment, a cement truck half full of cement was there. Half a second later, it was gone. Wowie wow wow wow!

MythBusters: Exploding Port-a-Potty

MythBustersMythBusters is an easy show to watch after a hard day of work. You can pretend you are learning things while sitting on a couch trying to kill your brain with wine coolers. You know that is exactly what you do.

The exploding port-a-potty is a true story. What the MythBusters don’t believe is that a build up of methane gas is the cause. That being said, it all leads Adam to poop in a box to test. For science.

The other myth this episode is about a driveshaft pole vault. Supposedly, a driveshaft busted lose from a car, hit a pot hole, and flipped the car. Even if it isn’t true, the MythBusters will find a way to make it happen. We are guaranteed an exploding toilet and a flipping car. It’s a fine time to be alive.

The port-a-potty did too good when venting the methane. They had to seal it all up. Which didn’t solve the problem. It did burn Buster, the crash test dummy, pretty badly. To think that Buster had it better off when he was crashing in cars.

The MythBusters spent a whole day trying to flip their car over a pothole. No such luck, as their driveshaft proved to be either too strong or too weak. And Jamie drove Adam through a fence in an out of control remote control car.

I’m a little let down. The port-a-potty exploded, but it wasn’t very exciting. The front door flew open, there were flames, and that was it. I wanted all four walls to go flying. Science says the port-a-potty will fail in the weakest point first. Which is why I don’t like science. Physics should do what I tell it to do.

No car was flipped either! It was lifted up into the air a bit, but it didn’t flip. All the myths were busted, and the MythBusters were almost busted.

MythBusters: Crimes and Myth-Demeanors

MythBustersTonight, the MythBusters test a bunch of criminal myths. Avoiding heat detectors, blowing up safes, and more. There is no way this can’t be fun.

The first system Adam and Jamie are up against is a fingerprint analyzing doorknob. Not only does it look at the fingerprint, it measures temperature and heart beat. Wow, that is an awesome lock. I want one of those for my…awww, I don’t have anything that expensive enough to protect. If I were a Buddhist, that wouldn’t be a problem. I am not a Buddhist.

Now a thermal motion sensor is the device to beat. You could say their goal is to beat the heat. Tee hee hee. Rhyming equals a funny joke.

Mud doesn’t cover the heat, like in Predator. A CO2 fire extinguisher doesn’t do any good. Riding on the back of an extinct dodo doesn’t work, I am guessing. There is no need to bring the dodo back to life, future scientists.

The super fingerprint lock that the manufacturer said has never been broken? The MythBusters just busted it. Three times. The last time using just a piece of paper with a fingerprint on it. Maybe I don’t want one of those things for my expensive things that don’t exist.

Thermal motion sensor? Busted with a pane of glass. You see, the pane of glass reflects regular light, but not thermal waves. Something close to that, at least. Either way, take note robbers.

Blowing up a safe with water, like in The Score, looks to be pretty difficult. You remember the lesson in The Score, right? Old people are smarter than young people.

A bed sheet fooled a sonic movement sensor. Moving slowly did too. If the safe is breakable, I will be highly disappointed in all systems set up to keep my stuff safe.

Nothing is safe! Not even a safe! The only solution is to seal yourself off in an old and abandoned taconite mine a mile beneath the Earth.

That’s all for now! See you next Thursday, boys and girls!

MythBusters: Confederate Rocket

MythBustersAfter a delightful two days of staying up for about 24 hours straight twice in a row, it is time for some MythBusters. Let us stop and see what my brain can put together in this semi-lucid state.

The only myth tonight involves the first long range missile supposedly launched during the American civil war. Long range, meaning a 100 mile firing distance. I mean, everyone and their mother has a missile that can fly 100 miles these days. I totally attacked this dude in Wisconsin last week. He was mouthing off.

In figuring out how a long range civil war missile might work, Adam and Jamie are building short range missiles that they knew for a fact existed during the civil war. I take the same kind of care in building sandwiches. You can’t start off building a Dagwood sized meal. You need to start off with peanut butter and work your way up.

The short range missiles flew straight and true, with one of the two going over one mile. Now they just need to multiply the results by 100. It is simple mathematics. Heck, I can multiply. Watch! 7 times 9? Easy. That’s…that’s…79?

Their first idea of mixing liquid oxygen and moonshine was busted, since liquid oxygen couldn’t be manufactured at the time of civil unrest between the states. That means everyone who wants to recreate this myth in their backyard can stop saving that moonshine and drink it on up. Remember to let some rats or squirrels drink it first, to see if they go blind. That’s your moonshine tip of the week.

Plan B involves liquid nitrous oxide and wax. That isn’t as fun as moonshine. I guess accuracy is important though. I could say something about horseshoes and hand grenades, but I won’t.

Gun cotton is also part of this myth. You harvest it with the gun cotton gin which was created by Gun Eli Whitney.

Adam and Jamie got their 200 pound rocket to go 500 yards. That’s impressive, but it also busts the myth of a civil war long range missile. There was a lovely mix of learning and explosions in this episode. Great work, MythBusters. You kept me entertained.


MythBustersMythBusters starts off a night of TV that doesn’t make me want to puke tacos into the open chest wound of a television producer.

This MythBusters episode puts a few movie myths to the test. Explosive decompression, pulling the axel out from under a car, and using a bullet as a truck fuse.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve seen this episode before. This should let me observe things I normally wouldn’t. Or slack off in my live blogging. I haven’t decided which route to take yet.

I’ll try and spend some of the episode calculating what makes this show so great.

Wacky hosts with unusual personalities? Check!
Always contains some sort of explosion? Check!
Science explained simply so we don’t have to think? Check!
Myth knowledge helps you win bets with your friends? Check!

At a glance, this show seems as fundamentally flawed as the celebrities-have-it-better-than-you shows. Each of these types of shows have people doing things that you will never get to do. Blowing up cars or pimping them, they make us jealous.

On the other hand, the MythBusters act like average guys. They’ve worked on Hollywood movies. They get to do all sorts of cool stuff. But they do not go “look at all the cool stuff we get to do.” They are sharing their experiences with us. It’s not a simple visit to their two story garage to see stalls upon stalls of classic cars. The MythBusters bring us long for their ride.

They also share their childlike delight in everything they do. They don’t lord their experiences over the viewing audience. And they don’t mumble.

The fellows just transformed a cop car into a remote control cop car. I could think of a few things to do with that. Thinking. Thinking. Huh, I guess I can’t think of anything fun to do with a remote control cop car. That must mean I’m not a criminal. Except for all of those drifters I murdered and stored in my attic. But that’s neither here nor there.

This show usually seems a bit longer than it needs to be. They do save the outcomes of their experiments for the last 15 minutes of the show. That leaves the first 45 minutes of the show for interesting filler. Sure, “filler” means “education” here. But it’s fun education. It’s not so bad. I could still do with less education. I can’t get none much smarter.

I like this show. It tricks me into thinking I’m learning something, and I get to see stuff explode. It’s like watching building implosions on FOX, but without the guilt of wasting your time watching FOX.

Thanks for not making me waste my time watching FOX.

Now it’s time to watch the second hour of the night. On FOX.