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My Name Is Earl: Get a Real Job

Welcome to another wonderful week of TV. Wonderful, because the Gilmore Girls will finally be coming to an end on May 15th. Take that, you evil voters! I have won!

Now, let’s watch My Name Is Earl. Will these 40 minutes seem too long? Possibly. Probably. As always, I hope for joy.

Randy and Earl got a job. But never mind that. Jonathan Slavin just made me laugh really hard. And there’s that hobbit that was also on 24.

Earl’s goal this episode is to move from his new job in warehouse to a newer job in the showroom. The guys in the warehouse are trying to bring him down. The funny guys in the warehouse. That makes it unlike any warehouse I have ever worked in. That would be two. Two warehouses.

There is an increasing number that keeps flashing in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This is important. It must mean something. Wait, now it’s going down.

Joy is escaping her impending trial date. She is off to Mexico. I think less people would escape to Mexico if there were a country full of trees and cardboard boxes. Wait, is Canada full of those things?

It has been half an hour. I am sleepy. Watching TV is tough work sometimes. Sometimes my fingers don’t want to move. Oh, and it’s over. That…wasn’t…really…supersized.

Well, that bit into the next half an hour. Huh. See you in twenty minutes, I guess.

My Name Is Earl: Harassed a Reporter

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! How do you do? Let’s watch some TV!

It appears to be a standard Thursday here on Make Me Watch TV. Nothing but NBC, raining down on me. Maybe My Name Is Earl has gotten better while I haven’t been looking.

Earl and Randy pestered a local journalist in their less than desirable days. To make up for it, she gets the exclusive on Earl’s karma list.

“Bull weevils” are funny. There is one laugh. Thanks, Earl.

I’m not in love with the characters on this show any more. Randy is okay, when rationed out across episodes. Earl himself feels a little flat. And then the rest. You don’t want to be part of the rest. I won’t even name you then.

Oh yeah! Joy has some court thing that has been going on all season. Which is a nice idea, but we don’t really care. Sorry, I didn’t mean to involve you in this. I mean, I don’t really care.

Instead of doing a story on Earl’s list, the reporter turned it into a story about Randy being mentally retarded. Which he wasn’t.

Karma noticed Randy, just like he wanted. Everyone is happy. Especially me. Because The Office is on now.

My Name Is Earl: Guess Who’s Coming Out of Joy

My Name Is Earl is a television show. Television is a magic box that shows you pictures is you look at it close enough. Don’t blink too rapidly at it. You’ll get dizzy.

Jamie Pressly is pregnant. In real life. So the last two episodes have featured her being pregnant. Do you imagine that writers hate writing pregnancy into scripts?

This is a flashback episode. We get taken back to the other times that Joy was pregnant. I don’t think Earl’s karma list existed in the past. Not the distant past, at least.

Earl’s baby came out of different color than him. He decided to move back in with his parents. Which doesn’t last long.

Aside from a couple of laughs, I have been pretty bored. Earl’s dad is throwing gerbils out of a window. That’s okay. Don’t worry, they didn’t get hurt.

I kind of got hurt a little. Isn’t sweeps supposed to be the best of the best? I see none of these things going on with Earl.

My Name Is Earl: The Birthday Party

My Name Is EarlI really am pulling for My Name Is Earl. I want it to be good again. But I’m sick of being let down. I’ve been hurt too many times before.

It is Earl’s birthday. He is celebrating all the good things he has done this past year. At his party, people are actually focusing on all the bad things he hasn’t fixed yet. That’s a nice enough twist on the show’s original theme. I accept this plot.

This is rather fun. It is mostly flashbacks of the terrible things Earl has done. It’s like a clip show, but of stuff we have never seen.

And things were crossed off the list! That was Earl’s birthday present. All of his friends forgave him for one thing and crossed it off. You know what? That was a pretty good episode.

See? That’s a pleasant surprise. I assumed it would be bad and it turned out good. It doesn’t matter that I was wrong because now I am happy! I’m one of them there cheerful pessimists.

My Name Is Earl: Foreign Exchange Student

My first choice tonight is My Name Is Earl. My actual choice would be to not watch TV at this time, because Earl has been disappointingly me time and time again. I can only hope that tonight will be different. I fear it will not be.

Earl is back to his list this episode. He picked on an exchange student in school, and sent this French fellow a ticket to give America another try. That’s pretty good. Then he totally atomized an apple into the back of his head. I laughed really hard.

Pierre punched Earl in the face. Then Earl stole his passport so he couldn’t leave. Now snooty Pierre is trying to get to know America in Hicktown, USA.

This show has been a little less horrible than usual, but I haven’t belly laughed like I used to. Remember when we sat hand in hand under the banana trees, My Name Is Earl? What happened to us?

Pierre just wanted to kiss American girls. Easily solved. Who doesn’t love kissing American girls? Spiders? Spiders.

My Name Is Earl: Buried Treasure

My Name Is EarlMy Name Is Earl is here to possibly disappoint. The show has a 50% chance of being good or lame, which is still better than most sitcoms.

Earl is back to crossing things off his list. He stole Civil War silverware. Wait a second. Civil War. Silver Ware. That’s good.

The show just did a mid-show My Name Is Randy switch with Randy narrating. I thought we were getting back to form. I guess I was wrong. Dang, Earl. Why you gotta go and trick a dude?

Randy re-stole the silverware and gave it to a con artist to make more money. Did I mention that Randy is narrating? I did? Did I say I couldn’t expect it to be so normal and annoying? I didn’t? There’s something new for you then.

My Name Is Joy? That’s it. I renounce My Name Is Earl. It is no longer a good show. Hold on, it’s My Name Is Crabman now.

I’m sick of this show. The end.

My Name Is Earl: Our “Cops” Is On!

My Name Is EarlThe best night of comedy on TV is new again after the “winter sinkhole” of reruns. My Name Is Earl leads off the night. Let’s watch.

Interesting. Tonight’s episode is one big Cops parody from back when Earl was still a criminal. Reno 911! has the Cops parody all sewn up, but it is interesting to see this show’s characters in this new genre.

I’m not sure what to think about this episode. It has the absurd funny lines that make me laugh, but it seems a little early in the show’s life to be pulling these sorts of stunts. Claymation. Cops parody. Isn’t this only the second season? If the writers are running out of ideas already, we’re all screwed.

There is a broom/vacuum commercial on which involves people dancing with these brooms/vacuums. I didn’t see one dead celebrity in the commercial. What is this world coming to?

Pretty funny episode overall. Is still have my valid concerns about the continued quality of this show. As should you.

My Name Is Earl: South of the Border

My Name Is EarlMy Name Is Earl take up a full hour tonight! Catalina was deported last episode, and now it will take two half hours to get her back. Hold my hand. Let’s laugh together.

The episode starts off to the not-so-sweet sounds of Hotel California. Stop assaulting my ears, The Eagles!

Randy and Earl are off to Mexico. It looks like they don’t have luggage, so garbage bags will be their redneck luggage. At least it matches.

The bags didn’t work out so well, so they needed to borrow from the evil ex-wife Joy. Joy is taking happy pills and thinks Randy looks like George Clooney. George Clooney isn’t a bad looking man. My wife would disagree. Doesn’t that seem a little backwards?

Earl and Randy are having a heck of a time getting down to Mexico. Passports, fear of crashing, and misunderstanding the explosiveness of shoes. Shoes are not naturally explosive. They need to be customized for that to happen.

Sedatives and inoculations blowing through his system, Earl is back on the plane. Then they wore off, and he was still on the plane. Now they’re in Mexico. We needed 1/3 of the show to get down to Mexico. At least it was filled with the funnies.

Earl was being a big baby, so Randy had to put the smack down on him. Then Earl got taken off their bus by banditos. Randy didn’t notice because he was still angry and determined. Banditos are funny. They’re right below ninjas and pirates.

John Leguizamo stole Earl’s jeans. That would be something to write in your journal. If you kept a journal. I don’t. But I do write here almost every day. I suppose blogs are the new journals. Journals on blimps flying across the sky for all to see. Just wait until something replaces blogs.

Marty makes a good point in the comments. Earl is acting really out of character this episode. I still think it’s a pretty funny. But it does feel off.

Now Catalina thinks she’s going to marry Earl for a green card. Can’t he just tell her it was Randy’s idea? This doesn’t seem like a problem. Don’t you go all nonsensical Gilmore Girls on me, Earl.

Through some more absurd circumstances, Randy got to marry Catalina. Which isn’t that odd for the show, but it seemed out of place. My Name Is Earl simply doesn’t do well in a longer than half hour format. Sometimes it doesn’t work in a half and hour format. Ahh well. I still had some fun. My belly? Yeah, it jiggled.

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