My Name Is Earl: Get a Real Job

Welcome to another wonderful week of TV. Wonderful, because the Gilmore Girls will finally be coming to an end on May 15th. Take that, you evil voters! I have won! Now, let’s watch My Name Is Earl. Will these 40 minutes seem too long? Possibly. Probably. As always, I hope for joy. Randy and Earl […]

My Name Is Earl: Harassed a Reporter

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! How do you do? Let’s watch some TV! It appears to be a standard Thursday here on Make Me Watch TV. Nothing but NBC, raining down on me. Maybe My Name Is Earl has gotten better while I haven’t been looking. Earl and Randy pestered a local journalist in their […]

My Name Is Earl: Guess Who’s Coming Out of Joy

My Name Is Earl is a television show. Television is a magic box that shows you pictures is you look at it close enough. Don’t blink too rapidly at it. You’ll get dizzy. Jamie Pressly is pregnant. In real life. So the last two episodes have featured her being pregnant. Do you imagine that writers […]

My Name Is Earl: The Birthday Party

My Name Is Earl

I really am pulling for My Name Is Earl. I want it to be good again. But I’m sick of being let down. I’ve been hurt too many times before. It is Earl’s birthday. He is celebrating all the good things he has done this past year. At his party, people are actually focusing on […]

My Name Is Earl: Foreign Exchange Student

My first choice tonight is My Name Is Earl. My actual choice would be to not watch TV at this time, because Earl has been disappointingly me time and time again. I can only hope that tonight will be different. I fear it will not be. Earl is back to his list this episode. He […]

My Name Is Earl: Buried Treasure

My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl is here to possibly disappoint. The show has a 50% chance of being good or lame, which is still better than most sitcoms. Earl is back to crossing things off his list. He stole Civil War silverware. Wait a second. Civil War. Silver Ware. That’s good. The show just did a […]

My Name Is Earl: Our “Cops” Is On!

My Name Is Earl

The best night of comedy on TV is new again after the “winter sinkhole” of reruns. My Name Is Earl leads off the night. Let’s watch. Interesting. Tonight’s episode is one big Cops parody from back when Earl was still a criminal. Reno 911! has the Cops parody all sewn up, but it is interesting […]

My Name Is Earl: South of the Border

My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl take up a full hour tonight! Catalina was deported last episode, and now it will take two half hours to get her back. Hold my hand. Let’s laugh together. The episode starts off to the not-so-sweet sounds of Hotel California. Stop assaulting my ears, The Eagles! Randy and Earl are off […]