Monk: Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy

Hey! What the… You voted for Monk instead of something terrible. Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should lay down.

Sir, your first mistake was to walk down a dark alley at night. Your next mistake was to have a plastic bag placed over your head. I must point out to you the poisoning, stabbing, shooting, and running over of you that followed is also not a good idea. Yours truly, Aric.

Oh Monk, you don’t know how to use cellphones. It is you versus the shiny van full of FBI detectives full of gadgets. You beat out the men and their machines, John Henry. You beat them out!

Monk is learning to use a computer. Doesn’t he know that computers are about the filthiest things in the universe? I can’t even imagine how many germs I picked up just by writing that last sentence.

Monk is using the CD drive as a cup holder. Oddly enough, I was thinking about that myth today in the car. Coincidences!

40 minutes into the show they mentioned John Henry. At least they know what they are referencing.

Technology loses and Monk wins! But you knew that was going to happen. At least it was quirky and fun while happening. Much less frustrating than Trading Spouses.

Have a nice weekend, boys and girls!

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Big Game

MonkMonk is a good show that I never watch. Time to watch it!

Someone just electrocuted a girl’s high school basketball coach. It looks like an accident, but Monk will get the bottom of it. I assume, since the show is called Monk and all. Maybe he is on vacation this week.

Monk is on the case, even though the police already ruled that it was an accident. Monk showed an unusual interest in the trophies at the school. I have a feeling he will get a trophy before the episode is over.

Oh, rather oddly, the coach mentioned to the girls that they were winners no matter who their coach was. That’s a strange thing to say before you get killed. It might be fun to start saying things like that. “This is a great company, no matter who the technical support engineer is.” “This is a great couch, no matter who is sitting on it.” Yeah, this is going to work out great.

The coach had started a forest fire by accident. It destroyed 6 homes and caused no deaths. The coach was going to turn herself in, which is the reason for the doom and gloom speech she gave.

To answer Tommi’s comment, I was eating Ben and Jerry’s Heath and Coffee ice cream. I’m sure it had some sort of wacky name.

During the basketball championship, Monk was able to solve the case. It was the coach’s brother. I guess he had murdered someone, and didn’t want his sister to confess. Because then they’d take her DNA and be able to match his DNA from that murder. Huh?

That didn’t end well at all. Why did you have to be a sub-standard episode, Monk? Having your time wasted feels so much worse when it is on a Friday night.

Awww, the girls lost the game, but they got Monk trophies for every murder he solved that year. It is a lot of murders. Still a lame episode. Oh well.

Monk: Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic

MonkI am well aware that Monk is a good show. I just never watch it. There a lot of things I should do. Like read more. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

A land developer just killed an environmentalist. Ahhh, the American dream.

Monk is an obsessive compulsive detective. Now you know everything you need to know about the show. And now, we watch.

The land developer accidentally knocked the environmentalist’s cell phone off. Hey, it’s the same model as his own! Whoops, they got switched. Maybe he should spend more time developing his social skills instead of land. Then he wouldn’t have to hit people over the head with pipes. Or pay for loving.

The dump truck carrying the VW Bug of the dead hippie just passed Monk on the road. The land developer is now tipping it out the back on to the freeway, so it looks like the granola lover crashed his car. Don’t dump a car in front of Monk.

Bad-at-talking-to-people-land-developer figured out he accidentally switched phones. Back to the scene of the crime!

Monk already figured out that it wasn’t an accident because of all of these little things. Monk makes me feel stupid. But he is interesting, so it is okay.

Oh, and the cops aren’t listening to Monk. Obviously. It’s like all the fairy tales where you should pay attention to those ugly people.

Land developer strangled an EMT to steal their outfit, so he can get in close and steal his phone back from the nature boy body. Even if you are not Monk, you wouldn’t want to touch a filthy hippie body. Did you know that they bathe in leaves and drink leaves? They also marry leaves.

Regardless, the land developer in EMTs clothing got wrangled into treating Monk’s friend, who has a hurt wrist. Your parents never told you the story of the land developer in EMTs clothing? You are obviously not a true fan of the brothers Grimm.

Did I mention this was all happening in a traffic jam, since the accident blocked traffic? Korn’s tour bus is trapped in traffic as well. That is not one of my funny jokes. It is part of the show.

Monk’s partner jumped into the dump truck to look for proof that it dumped the VW Bug. Then it started driving away. Trucks can be jumped from. That plot point is unacceptable.

Land developer is chasing down the ambulance in the dump truck. And now the cop believes Monk. Off they go Monk and the officer, into a car chase. Monk does some crazy unsafe stuff to save his partner. Like hanging out a car window to shoot the hydraulic lift of the dump truck.

I enjoyed that hour of television. Overall, it has been a pleasant night of television. I’ll see you all Sunday, for some TV on DVD watching.

Unless you have something better to do on the weekend. No, that just is not possible.