Afterthoughts on Survivorman, South Park, and M*A*S*H

Unlike the almost themed nights of the past week, tonight’s TV viewings had no connection at all. The television glowed with a dim blue hue as Survivorman, South Park, and M*A*S*H wormed their way into my brain and out of my fingers.

Survivorman was actually a really good show. The program does a fantastic job of letting you know that this crazy man is actually all alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a few supplies and multiple cameras.

There were two episodes tonight. In the first one Survivorman was alone in a desert canyon, living off of plague filled rats. He accomplished his goal of surviving for 7 days. Hooray!

The second episode had him stranded in the arctic, trying to get back to civilization in 7 days. He failed miserably in the arctic. He was running on very little food. He did not have enough energy to make a proper igloo. He was screwed. When his 7 days were up, he was still 2 days away by dogsled from his destination.

This was reality television. Not people in a house complaining about who ate the last granola bar. Man against the elements, and losing. Good work, Survivorman. You are a terrific program.

South Park was South Park. Smart humor and social commentary disguised as crude jokes. Nothing new to report here.

M*A*S*H was an odd thing to watch. I would be interested to see how many people are actually watching reruns of M*A*S*H every night. One man’s M*A*S*H is another man’s Seinfeld, I guess. As much as I like seeing George Costanza flubbing up everything he does, someone else likes to see Hawkeye stick it to Frank on a daily basis.

You are not a bad show, M*A*S*H. You are just not the sitcom for me. Do not feel bad, you have done very well for yourself.


M*A*S*HFor tonight’s last show I am watching M*A*S*H. Wait, what? Seriously? You voted for M*A*S*H? Why would you do that? That does not even make any sense!

So here I am, watching M*A*S*H. I could be sitting and laughing at my Tivoed episode of My Name Is Earl with my wonderful wife, but I am alone in the computer room watching a rerun of M*A*S*H. Seriously, I am a stupid man.

Oh yeah, this show has a laugh track. That throws me off. This show does not have twenty something or middle aged people sitting around in their living rooms, so why is there an audience? And why do I find it acceptable for a laugh track to be in a living room?

There is not a laugh track in the operating room though. Is that a choice done by Alan Allda, director of this episode? I bet this is some bit of trivia I do not know. This might come in handy during my next Trivial Pursuit game. I must find the answer.

This episode is revolving around bad luck. It is titled “Exorcism” and it happens to be Friday the 13th. Lights are going out, equipment is failing, the PA system is not working. What kind of social commentary is this?

When I was a young lad, the only reason I even knew about M*A*S*H was because Big Bird had a teddy bear that had the same name as one of the characters. Was that on purpose? Am I stumbling upon all sorts of trivia?

Some Korean fellow stepped in front of an ambulance to scare the evil spirits out of him. That sounds like a terrible idea. That sounds like something the evil spirits are actually telling you to do. Score one, evil spirits.

I have never watched much M*A*S*H. A lot of these jokes would probably be better if I cared a little more about the characters.

Hey, M*A*S*H was from back in the day when men dressing as women was unusual. It does not really carry over as well into these modern times.

Reluctantly, the crew lets a local Korean exorcist in to get rid of the evil spirits, which stupid dumb head guy keeps blathering about being a bad idea. Surprise surprise, everything starts working again.

I guess we should all be accepting of different cultures. Or something. I am not sure. I am tired, and I just watched an episode of M*A*S*H. Good night.