Lost: The Other Woman

Lost! Let’s start. We start with a flash-forward from Juliet. Psych! It’s a flash-back from when Juliet arrived on the island. Man, you should have seen your face. J.J. Abrams got you so bad! Back in the present, the boat people disappear into the woods so Juliet goes out to look for her. Juliet finds […]

Lost: The Constant

Lost is one of my favorite shows. I would have watched it anyway. So here this here is a bonus. Here come the spoilers. To get off of the island, you need to go on a very specific trajectory. Even if it means flying directly into a thunderhead. Which Sayid and Desmond just did. When […]

Lost: I Do

This is the last new episode of Lost until 2007. Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Slither fame guest stars in this episode. He is the only one who could save a Kate-centered flashback. Jack, in the present, has decided not to operate on Ben’s spine tumor. He was pretty brutal when explaining his decision to […]

Lost: The Cost of Living


Lost has two new episodes left until their winter break. After tonight, there will be one. Thank goodness tonight is Mr. Eko based. That should mean this episode will be excellent. Mr. Eko is still reeling from being attacked by a polar bear. Then he saw his dead brother. Shortly after this, he disappeared into […]

Lost: Every Man For Himself


This episode of Lost revolves around Jack watching Warner Bros. cartoons. Or more than that. I’m jumping to conclusions. The Others are worried because one of their own was shot while stealing the boat Sun was on. Sun, the person. Not the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran sun. He would have dumped two scoops of raisins on […]

Lost: Further Instructions


Lost finally brings us back to Locke and Mr. Eko, after their little Swan station fiasco. It did a good job of exploding or imploding. We’ll find out which. Locke is lying outside, speechless, as a shirtless Desmond runs by. Charlie acts like nothing much has happened when Locke returns. And Locke still can’t speak. […]

Lost: The Glass Ballerina


Think fast! Lost is on again! We start on a shot of a falling glass ballerina. And with that, the mystery of the episode’s title is solved. One mystery down, a billion to go. Syid still thinks Jack is coming to the signal fire he lit last season. Little does he know, Jack is far […]

Lost: A Tale of Two Cities


Can you believe that Lost is finally here? Hooray. We start off in the flashback of a new character. We are at the Other’s camp at the time our main character’s plane went down. They have pine trees at their well maintained camp. Henry Gale is certainly in charge, and instructs everyone on how to […]