Little House on the Prairie: Journey in the Spring

Little House on the PrairieThis will come as a shock to you, but I do not hate Little House on the Prairie.

Did you know that Jason Bateman came into this series in the eighth season? That’s right, I know Little House on the Prairie trivia.

Looks like I’ve stumbled into the second part of a two parter. Pa lost his Ma and went to visit his Pa. Then there was a fire. Caught up? Good.

The Grandpa is living with the Ingles in Walnut Grove. From the episode description, tensions rise. That’s just vague enough to work!

Laura and Grandpa are fixing up the sod house, where Grandpa is going to live. Just up the hill from his son. That reminds me of Psycho. A sod house isn’t quite as foreboding as the Bates place.

Grandpa also thinks everyone is just like his wife. Charles. Laura. Probably that stupid little one that can’t talk right.

Ouch! Laura took a galloping horse right through a barbwire fence. The horse’s name is Bunny. I smell dog food and glue.

Once Charles learned that the horse was hurt, the first thing he did was grab his gun. No sugar coating there. Have you ever had a candy apple? I haven’t.

Charles and Grandpa had a little tiff. Grandpa promised Laura he could fix the horse. That made Charles mad. Now he has to tell Laura the truth. Now Laura is mad. You see? Tensions rise! The prophecy has come true!

Later in the series, Mary goes blind. My wife always wished it was Laura who went blind, because she thinks Mary is prettier. No wonder I love her.

A bearded man just offered Charles some chaw. Chaw! Pa used his head and just said “no.”

The bearded man is now talking to Laura. I hope he gets her to try some chaw. Little girls with chewing tobacco are adorable!

Just when Laura had forgiven her Grandpa, he off and disappears with nothing but a note. Just like a magician! A magician who leaves notes!

Grandpa was a little too slow. He was trying to hop a train, but it started up before he could get in. It had his bag full of junk too! If I lived back in olden times, which I believe is anywhere between 1820 and 1920, I would totally ride the rails. Hanging out with other hobos. Spinning yarns.

Little House on the Prairie keeps things simple. You don’t need to keep track of twenty characters to understand what is going on. Episodes center around a few people, and that’s it. It does my brain good.

In the end, everything turned out alright. We learned a lesson about something. Or I would have, if I weren’t amazed by the lack of calories in Coke Zero! Guess how many calories are in it!