Friday Night Lights: How Did I Get Here?

I have never seen Friday Night Lights before. Not the movie. Not the show. Plenty of people do seem to like it. So here comes a fair chance! Just kidding. I’m bound to be unnecessarily harsh.

The recap from last week? Someone jumped off a boat and then decided to not have surgery. This week, the coach (I can tell because he is wearing a hat) received a severely reduced paycheck.

Coach’s sister in law showed up. She is the evil woman from Nip/Tuck. Well, one of the evil women from Nip/Tuck. That show is absurdly stupid and fun to watch.

The coach’s name is Eric. I can relate to that, because my name is similar to his. We are like best friends.

Hmmm, I wonder what Friday night lights refer to. Probably alien abduction. Is this going to be like Roswell?

Some longhair got kicked off of the team. The football team. How do you tell someone they’re off the team? You clean out their locker all passive-aggressive like.

Aaron from 24! He and his TV son look a lot alike. That’s some damn fine casting there casting director whose name flashes by the screen in a matter of milliseconds.

Is the coach’s job to be grumpy all the time? Because I could totally be a coach then. I’d be, all, “you could have done better” and “where are my slippers!” Hey, where are my slippers?

Remember how confusing Heroes was this past week when I missed the first part of the season? I’ve never seen Friday Night Lights and can jump in with no hiccups. Bravo for being easily accessible, Friday Night Lights.

Wait, high school kids drink beer? Where have I been? I should go party with some high school kids. Nothing could go wrong there…thinking…thinking…how old were those kids in Superbad?

Tim, who was kicked off the team, was in Mexico for two weeks. Eric’s wife is a high school counselor. Everyone is nicely tied in to everyone else.

I’m totally not being unnecessarily harsh. I must be sick. I think Butter Burgers are the solution to my illness.

The characters are very real and grounded in this show. And you know what else? The situations are too. As far as I can tell. I never played much higher than little league. I tried soccer once, but that is way too much running for nothing.

I’ve never seen Rudy all the way through. Please don’t tell anyone. Especially men.

24 Aaron is a town cop. And his son went and murdered someone. Or got wrapped up in a murder. Or had a birthday party where someone was murdered. Or watched a murder on TV. Something to do with murder.

There is a bunch of relationship stuff going on that I’m not keeping track of. That’s okay. It runs a bit deeper than I can grasp from one episode.

Cop is torching son’s evidence laden car. That’s a bad cop and a good dad. I’d prefer the other way around. For that guy. Unless it were my dad. Also unless the bad cop got involved with organized crime and got the whole family killed. That would suck.

What’s smarter than drinking beer as a teenager? Drinking beer on school property. That’ll get you back on the team, Tim.

That wasn’t half bad. Good work on the quality there, Friday Night Lights. I may have to check you out in non-voted for capacities.