Dog the Bounty Hunter: Rock-A-Bye Bounty

Dog the Bounty HunterTonight Dog the Bounty Hunter is sponsored by Nicole Coraccio, with the explicit instructions of choosing “any half hour show of your choice at 8:00 on June 6th. this is only because veronica mars to win. haha” It looks like the battle between Alias and Veronica Mars fans continues! Well played, Alias fan. Well played.

The Dog goes after his former housekeeper tonight, who jumped her 50k bail bond. That’s one big bail bond.

Dog’s hair is getting crazier and crazier. There are beads in it now. It seems that those would clack together and make noise. Not the best way to sneak up on someone. Sneaking probably doesn’t matter when you are the Dog.

Sorry Dog, Gilmore Girls destroyed all of my enthusiasm. I’ll try and step up the commentary.

One of the bounty hunters is having a baby today. His wife, actually. This show would be really different if it were the other way around.

And they got her. With ten minutes left. That was the most boring bounty in the world! The rest of the show will be one big morality lesson. We will also find out that the one guy’s baby was born.

Dog the Bounty Hunter seems like it should be a much better show than it actually is. It isn’t exciting and it tries to teach us a pointless lesson at the end. That’s not good television.

For being on a channel called Arts & Entertainment, this show is neither art nor entertainment.

Now the big tough bounty hunters have stopped to connect with their prisoner and teach her how to live a good life before they turn her in. I wonder how big I can yawn.

And there is a baby born. Amazing! How does that happen?