Doctor Who: Doomsday

Doctor Who

It’s time for part two of the Doctor Who season two finale. We have Cybermen controlling the Earth and Darleks coming out of a void egg. You know, if you’re too lazy to read to post just below this one. The Cybermen didn’t know that the Darleks were inside the magic floaty egg. They’re going […]

Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

Doctor Who

It’s the Doctor Who season finale. Well, part one of the finale. And it starts off with Rose narrating how she died. How can you narrate something when you’re dead? Unless you’re Marlon Brando. It seems like he could do just about anything post mortem. Jackie just told Rose that her dead grandfather is coming […]

Doctor Who: Fear Her

Doctor Who

Doctor Who would be so much more enjoyable if it weren’t followed by Battlestar Galactica. A young lass singing about the kookaburra just trapped a little boy in a picture she colored. It is a pretty horrible picture. That would be the worst part of the situation. Being trapped and looking like crap. Does anyone […]

Doctor Who: Love & Monsters

Doctor Who

Doctor Who start off this Friday’s evening of TV, like usual. Will it be goofy or semi-serious? Wait and find out! Or check online and fine out. Either way is fine by me. Looks like a vlogger had a run in with a monster being corralled by the Doctor and friends. How can anyone get […]

Doctor Who: The Satan Pit

Doctor Who

After a week off for Thanksgiving, which the Brits don’t celebrate, part two of Doctor Who is upon us. As you may or may not know, Satan was just released from a small clump of planet orbiting a black hole. I love when teenagers write “hail Satin” on message boards. Dangly mouth aliens are hitting […]

Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet

Doctor Who starts out with a wonderful greeting. The Doctor and Rose end up on a drilling station with “Welcome to Hell” spray painted inside. Some Doctor Zoidberg looking aliens started chanting “we must feed” upon seeing their two visitors. Does the human race have a mantra that we could chant? It turns out the […]

Doctor Who: The Idiot’s Lantern

Doctor Who makes watching TV alone on a Friday night fun. That sounds geeky. It is as if I am watching my VHS recordings of Monty Python’s Flying Circus that I got off of Comedy Central when I was 13. I blame the Brits. TV is stealing people’s faces! That’s a new trick. I thought […]

Doctor Who: The Age of Steel

When we last left Doctor Who, the Doctor and his companions were surrounded by the brains of homeless men in the bodies of Cybermen. They were screaming something about deletion. Each enemy has to have a catch phrase, after all. Exterminate or deletion, choose your poison. The wheelchair scientist activated all of the ear pods […]