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30 Rock: Somebody to Love

I haven’t watched 30 Rock in a while. I’m not sure why I gave up on it. Laziness, I suppose. Maybe it got yuck on it from My Name Is Earl.

The show started off with everyone smelling maple syrup in different sections of New York. And then, Liz was really excited about the delivery of her prescription shampoo. Your laughs have been fantastic!

The show is pretty quotable. Dare I say classic Simpsons quotable? To prove she wasn’t racist, Liz recalled the time she asked a black guy if he had seen Sideways. Ahhh, us white guys are so lame.

30 Rock is like three wonderful intertwining sketches that don’t overstay their welcome. We have Liz who thinks she lives next to a terrorist. Jack who slept with a Democrat. And Kenneth is trying to earn money to replace pants. All plots done well on their own. All great when put together.

Okay, 30 Rock. My opinions about you, the ones with no particular basis, were incorrect. My feelings, like Liz’s feelings about her neighbors, were wrong. How can we make this right, 30 Rock? What if I wrote nice things about you? Deal.

30 Rock: Corporate Crush

30 Rock has changed time slots with Scrubs. As a result, it almost lost in the voting to Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s not look back on what might have been, but only what could be. This could be a fun half hour of television.

The plot has been developing while I haven’t been watching. Jack is in some sort of trouble. Liz has some sort of new boyfriend. Tracy is still crazy.

Tracy is pretending to be Thomas Jefferson. That’s all I need to be convinced that this half hour is hilarious.

As funny as these two hours on NBC are, I wouldn’t watch anything but The Office if I weren’t forced. Oh, and Andy Barker, P.I.. But that has already been canceled. Soooooooo, hmmmm. TV people suck.

Jack is trying to get between Liz and her new boyfriend. And…whatever. Thomas Jefferson!

30 Rock: Hard Ball

30 Rock is on again. I suppose we should watch.

It is contract renegotiation time for Josh, and Jack is very pleased. And Tracy made out on a 419 scam.

Ahhhh, I have already laughed. Already this episode is funnier than your standard episode of The Simpsons.

Kenny has just joined Tracy’s entourage. Why was he asked to join? Because he and Tracy could harmonize. Delightful. But then he beat Tracy at Halo. Man, I should play some Halo.

Fun and goofy. I laughed more than at Scrubs and My Name Is Earl combined tonight. Not that it can hold a candle to The Office. But look at me. I’m a broken record.

30 Rock: The Baby Show

30 RockAlec Baldwin, give me something to smile about on 30 Rock please. Tracy Morgan, please follow suit.

Jack is stressed out so he’s going on an eating binge. A giant container of cheese balls does sound pretty good right now. And then I can lick my fingers clean. Num mum mum num num nummy.

It is Jack’s mother who is stressing him out by constantly calling.

Maybe it is The Office that is the problem. After watching it, everything else seems a little “blah.” It is like going for a swift run and then just stopping cold. You’re going to cramp up. Maybe I need to take myself some of that Midol.

Sigh. Laughs, but nothing that bowled me over. Bowled me over like a bowling pin. I think that’s what that is supposed to mean. Unless the phrase comes from the 18th century. Those guys were crazy back then!

30 Rock: The Break-Up

30 Rock30 Rock will be a little less okay than Scrubs. Whoops. They just said, “Either you love me or you have squatters rights. It can’t be both.” The second hour of NBC comedies just tipped in 30 Rock’s favor.

Jack is allegedly dating Condoleezza Rice. Liz is breaking up with her loser boyfriend. All the while in between, funny things have been happening. Like Black Frasier. Hee hee. See? There was a titter.

You have the plots. The plots have been going on and everything will end up where it always was. You need to strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. Not strap on and enjoy the ride. That is something way different and I will have no part of it. You’re sick.

And it turns out Liz’s ex was on Dateline with Chris Hansen. Okay okay. Please let that be the last time To Catch a Predator is parodied. It can’t possibly be funny very much longer.

30 Rock: Tracy Does Conan

30 Rock30 Rock guest stars Conan O’Brien, the best late night talk show host! NBC had to quickly register after Conan made it up in a joke this week. And thus, we were blessed with soft core manatee pron.

The plot for this episode centers around Tracy being on the Conan’s show. Another one of his cast mates got bumped. Who cares? As long as we get some fun Tracy and Conan interaction, the show will do just fine.

Tracy wanted to gain street cred last episode. This episode, he wants to relate to the American people when on Conan. That is why it is important not to concentrate on the plot of this show. Just let the jokes enter your ears and eyes, then they can meet in your brain and have a hilarious conversation.

Tracy is on some bad medication and is going crazy this episode. Some of it is funny while some of it is forced.

Laughing ensued. It was okay. Could it have been better? Of course. It’s not The Office.

30 Rock: Jack Meets Dennis

30 Rock30 Rock wraps up NBC’s two hours of comedy. Liz is back with her dorky boyfriend Dennis, who honked her hooters on the JumboTron.

As Randy Jackson would say, I’m not feeling this episode dog. Dawg? Dogg? Hmmm. I could find out the “correct” spelling in a matter of seconds, but those seconds would be wasted.

Dennis is the beeper king. He sells beepers. Out of a suitcase. That’s okay-ish. Funny, if not a little tired. Dennis did say he saw a rat king. That is sick and amusing.

Tracy got tattoos on his face, and the faces of the other two stars are messed up too.

It was a good night of comedy overall. Ended on a bit of a weak note. But nothing is perfect. And nothing last forever. Here we are, sitting on a planet spinning through space with no means of stopping. What’s a little guy watching TV to do?

30 Rock: Jack-Tor

30 Rock has been moved to Thursday, bringing back the glory that once was Must See TV. As long as they don’t try and pull that “if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you” crap.

Soon, Scrubs will join the NBC Thursday night lineup. That’s four half hour shows in a row that I like. How is that even possible? Some stars must have aligned or something.

This 30 Rock looks to be about product placement. Which is funny enough, but it was done better in the Motherboy XXX episode of Arrested Development. “It’s a wonderful restaurant!”

Singing a song called “Peace, Love, and Gap” cheapens both “peace” and “love.”

The non-product placement plot has to do with Tracy Jordan being unable to read. Possibly. Possibly being unable to read. But he can read. Just let it happen, people. It’ll give us a few laughs.

While better than the earlier episode of My Name Is Earl, this isn’t a terribly solid episode of 30 Rock. All of these super sized episode feel like they are just filling their extra time, while The Office handled it with flying colors.

Meh. I like Tracy Morgan.

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