Bones: Woman at the Airport

How could you possibly choose Bones over a show called Your Mama Don’t Dance? I mean, sure, they could have taken a note from their poor grammar and switched the “you” with a “yo.” Would that have made it more appealing to your voting sensibilities? Dammit, I hate Bones. With my prejudice squarely in place, […]

Lost: The Other Woman

Lost! Let’s start. We start with a flash-forward from Juliet. Psych! It’s a flash-back from when Juliet arrived on the island. Man, you should have seen your face. J.J. Abrams got you so bad! Back in the present, the boat people disappear into the woods so Juliet goes out to look for her. Juliet finds […]

Men in Trees: Sonta in Three Parts

Without my knowledge or assistance, Men in Trees has continued to exist. In fact, it has a following of rabid fans. Who knew? Let’s watch and see if Whatsername and Whosits still have a confusing relationship filled with sexual tension. Whosits, by name of Jack, assumedly drown at sea lat week. Whatsername, name of Marin, […]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Vick’s Chip

Wow. You guys didn’t vote for Billy Graham like I thought you would. Instead, we are stuck, again, with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fox is promoting this as a two hour season finale. Then why does it have two episode names, Fox? You can’t fool me. I’m watching only one terrible hour of television, […]

Lost: The Constant

Lost is one of my favorite shows. I would have watched it anyway. So here this here is a bonus. Here come the spoilers. To get off of the island, you need to go on a very specific trajectory. Even if it means flying directly into a thunderhead. Which Sayid and Desmond just did. When […]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Demon Hand

Boy, it’s been a while. How are you doing? You look great. Niceties aside, let’s get on with the TV. For my return to the world of television, you have chosen Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Just so you know how fickle I am, my Tivo recorded the first episode of this show but not […]

Alias: Reckoning

We pick up where we left off last time. Sydney and pal accidentally blew up a gang of CIA fellas. And inhalers. Now Syd is going to show us what emotions sort of look like if you squint really hard. Syd’s father, who works for the CIA and is spying on SD-6, was investigated by […]

Women’s Murder Club: The Past Comed Back to Haunt You

I have never heard anything bad about the Women’s Murder Club. However, I have heard only one good thing. Who is right, nothing or one thing? Or me? Let’s see! A building just went up and exploded. Then there was a fake commercial for Double Cross, a book by James Patterson. The face commercial was […]