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Jenna Fischer is the coolest celebrity in the history of the world

You didn’t know there was a contest? Well that too bad, because it is over. We have a winner. Jenna Fischer of The Office is the coolest celebrity there ever was.

You may remember that on August 31st, Jenna Fischer was kind enough to be my Celebrity Remote and pick the shows I was forced to watch that evening.

Jenna made me watch Big Brother and First 48 Hours. They were both great shows to watch, and I thank her for that.

Flash forward to September 28th. I have been forced to watch the second episode of The Office by popular vote. Not that I mind. The Office is the funniest show on television. The episode was titled The Convention. It was the second of the season.

Let me ask you, do you have eyes like a hawk? does, as they pointed this out to me.

During the episode the divorced head of HR, Toby, tries to ask Pam, Jenna Fischer’s character, out on a date. It fails and there is much squirming done by the viewing public. It is a wonderful and painful scene.

But look closely now and ready your Tivos. When Pam interrupts Toby and answers the phone, there is a close up of Toby’s hands. Near those hands, there are two Post-It notes on Pam’s desk. Take a look at the image below for what is written on those Post-It notes.

Jenna Fischer's Note

Do you see it? It’s the schedule for Jenna Fischer’s Celebrity Remote!

Is the case closed for you? It is for me. Jenna Fischer is the coolest celebrity in the history of the world.

Hmmm, now to get a walk on.

Celebrity Remote: Jenna Fischer

Jenna FischerFresh off of her Emmy win for best comedy, The Office, Jenna Fischer squeezed in a bit of time to tell me what to watch for this week’s Celebrity Remote.

Here is what Jenna is having me watch.

7-8pm Big Brother 7 - All Stars on CBS. I am obsessed with this show. I’m rooting for Dr. Will.

8-9pm The First 48 on A&E. This is a pretty decent crime investigation show. I watched a bunch of these when I was on location shooting my last movie. Enjoy!

If you haven’t been paying attention, Jenna’s husband, James Gunn, was took control of the Celebrity Remote a few weeks back.

James also starred with Jenna in LolliLove, a film she also wrote and directed. It is certainly worth watching. I laughed myself silly. I hate that phrase. Forgot I said it, and pretend that I said something much cooler.

It’s 7pm. We should start. Let me mirror Jenna’s excitement about Big Brother 7 - All Stars. As bored as I was with this show at first, it has grown on me. It’s all about Dr. Will, really. I am shocked and delighted that he has such a seat of power. Surely the house guests must have seen season 2 of Big Brother. Will lied and cheated and did whatever he wanted. He’s doing it again, and it’s working again. These other people don’t deserve the money!

Tonight’s episode will be fantastic. One house guest gets the boot. Then there is the Head of Household competition. After that, the Head of Household must nominate two people for eviction. Finally, someone gets the other boot. Probably the left boot. It seems like you would use the right boot first.

Did I just rant about how clueless everyone was and how I hated it? That doesn’t make sense, because I like watching how ignorant Chicken George is. The fella has been struck by lightening! He’s no Benjamin Franklin, but he might just wish the turkey to be our national bird.

Danielle has been evicted. There is the right boot for you. Let us give this left leg a little stretch before we use it. Unless you’re driving a clutch. Then your left leg is probably as thick as a mighty redwood and ready for action.

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