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Celebrity Remote: Amanda Ziemba

Amanda ZiembaAmanda Ziemba of the wonderful rock duo The Like Young picks tonight’s TV watching goodness. Check out all of their albums now! You can also see them live on their summer tour. Or hold on a second while you read all of this, and then check them out.

Here are Amanda’s words on what she has decided I should watch:

Well, I must say that it was hard not to just take the easy way out and have you watch either “Dirty Dancing” or “Footloose,” (…is WGN on some kind of dancing kick this week?) on Thursday or Friday, but I thought I could be a little more adventurous.

So, at 7:00pm on Court TV (ch. 55), you’ll be tuning in to what I consider to be a really strange/stupid premise for a television show - Beach Patrol: Miami — The activities of Miami’s lifeguards are chronicled, from water rescues to crime investigations. (TV show). Have never seen it, hope it’s not too torturous.

Next, at 7:30pm switch over to CBS (ch. 4) to watch How I Met Your Mother. Haven’t heard anything about it, but it stars Neil Patrick Harris, (gotta love Doogie) and Jason Segel otherwise known as “Nick” from Freaks and Geeks and the infamous “Eric” from Undeclared. I highly recommend these shows on dvd if you haven’t seen them yet — especially Freaks and Geeks!

At 8:00pm on Nickelodeon (ch. 45), I just couldn’t pass up this “Stephanie” episode of Full House — Stephanie, who feels that D.J. and Michelle are getting all the attention, decides to marry her friend Harry. How R-uuude!!

And finally at 8:30pm, you get to choose between either The Simple Life: Til Death Do Us Part on E! (ch. 51) and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Nickelodeon (ch. 45). I don’t know why, I just couldn’t choose between the two and I didn’t want to MAKE you watch The Simple Life because I have a feeling it may be on par with Chinese water torture.

Have a great night!

Spring break in Miami shows us the scantly clad men and women at Beach Patrol: Miami Beach who will save the lives of idiots who do not respect Poseidon. All glory to the might Poseidon!

There is a giant crowd of drunken coeds who are moving slowly towards a rip tide that will bring them out to sea. Let them go, I say. Florida is a death trap for the young. That’s the way the old people like it. It is a Venus fly trap for the irresponsible and saline filled.

If you ignore the lifeguards, they can send you to jail! Stay out of those rip tides already! There aren’t many rules at the beach. No glass containers and stay out of the rip tides! Get it together!

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