Other Projects

Hello, readers. I’m still hoping to bring Make Me Watch TV back in some form or another. There is a lot of bad TV out there that needs a smack in the eye. Let’s hope some terrible show comes along and acts a catalyst to get this website running again. Until then, I have a […]


My temperature has been 100.(variable) over the past two days, so I don’t much feel like being a smart ass. Let’s just say I’ll be back next week, with sickness and Thanksgiving and all. Oh man, I sure hope I’m not too sick for turkey. And horns of plenty.

Alias: Reckoning

We pick up where we left off last time. Sydney and pal accidentally blew up a gang of CIA fellas. And inhalers. Now Syd is going to show us what emotions sort of look like if you squint really hard. Syd’s father, who works for the CIA and is spying on SD-6, was investigated by […]

30 Rock: Somebody to Love

I haven’t watched 30 Rock in a while. I’m not sure why I gave up on it. Laziness, I suppose. Maybe it got yuck on it from My Name Is Earl. The show started off with everyone smelling maple syrup in different sections of New York. And then, Liz was really excited about the delivery […]

So Lazy

Take a look at yesterday’s poll, why don’t you? 19 votes. 19! You were one away from making me watch TV yesterday. You couldn’t IM the guy in the next cube and tell him to vote? One vote! Regardless, there are already 23 votes tonight. So forced TV is guaranteed. Don’t let that below 20 […]

That Was a Half-Hearted Attempt

The votes for Monday jumped from 8 to 14. Mmmm, not quite enough. Today we’re at 16 votes. Only 4 more to assure my restricted TV viewing. Get on that.

Up the Voting, Folks

There are only 8 votes in for this evening. Really, only 8? I’m not watching TV by force unless at least 20 people are twisting my arm. Get your dang friends on over to the voting page and let them loose. You have a whole day to rally the troops. I know you can do […]

DVD – Alias: Doppleganger

Here we are again, watching the DVDs that the loyal fans of Make Me Watch TV purchased. Purchased so I could be forced to watch more of their favorite shows. I still maintain that Jennifer Garner is no smarty, that shouldn’t effect my enjoyment. Or lack of enjoyment. The blog tells me that I last […]